About Us
Pragmatism and Honesty are the key values that govern our company!

Hung Hiep (Cambodia) Co., Ltd. (“Hung Hiep”) is a homegrown trading company in Cambodia since 1953, and has pride itself in distributing Cambodia’s best products to other countries as well as handling the distributorship of global brands within Cambodia. With history and affiliations in China, Vietnam, Thailand, Hong Kong and France, the Group consistently delivers the best suited global brands across diversified industries to the people in Cambodia and also relentlessly promotes Cambodia’s pride to the World – The Apsara Rice.


Hung Hiep is the official distributor of top global brands in FMCG, Agriculture and Heavy equipment which includes LEE KUM KEE, Apsara Rice, E.&J. Gallo Winery, and Selleys in Cambodia.

Our History

The Hung Hiep Group was first founded more than a century ago in 1901, China. Subsequently, it expanded into Vietnam and begun its business in Cambodia in 1953, where it eventually set its headquarters to be.

In its early stages, Hung Hiep was focused on trading commodities such as tea, tobacco and textiles, and was one of the biggest top ten companies in Cambodia in the 1960, just less than 10 years of its operations in the country. It was one of the biggest agricultural commodities exporters in Cambodia and has represented global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, General Motor, Chrysler, Opel, Toyota, Honda, Yamaha, to set up their Cambodian presence.

The Company shifted its presence and operations to Hong Kong when the Civil War in Cambodia broke out in the 1970s but resume their commitment to the country in 1991, when the peace accords were signed in Paris, and was the local representative of Mercedes-Benz.

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