Steering the wheel

“Commitment beyond generations”

Hung Hiep is originally founded in Guangdong, China in 1901, a family effort between the four brothers of my grandfather. With zest, valour, determination and teamwork, the Company expanded to most of the major cities in China like Tianjin, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shantou and eventually the other countries in proximity such as Hong Kong, Vietnam and Thailand, and even reaching to Paris, France with its network. While it was a strong family business in its own rights, it was forced to a standstill during the World War II times.

By a twist of fate, my father, Mr Ung Vinh, Hung Hiep’s second generation leader, earned the opportunity of his lifetime to step foot onto this Kingdom of Wonder. Little did he know that this country will be where he is settling himself and his Company in. The vast land and rich resources in Cambodia has inspired my father with regards to the potential that Cambodia can be transformed into, and he passed on this commitment to me, whom also has strong commitment towards contributing to this country that we now call home. Hung Hiep was then set up in Cambodia in 1953 following his guidance and values of pragmatism and honesty, and before long, it was then one of the largest ten companies in Cambodia.

While Cambodia has been plagued with wars and internal conflicts in the 1970s and 1980s, making us shift our operations briefly to Hong Kong, we remained optimistic about the potential of Cambodia and still considered ourselves as a Cambodian company and citizen. This is apparent and reflective from our shift back to Cambodia shortly after a month of the official ceasefire in 1991. Our previous leaders have had the belief and commitment of Cambodia and it get passed on to the other generations, rehashing our commitment, while continuing laying new and relevant plans for the country. Times may have change and we have to adapt to the ever-changing taste and preferences of our customers, but one thing that will not change, is our commitment to this land we call home.

As we harvest our successes ploughed by our forefathers, we also continue to lay down the groundwork for our future generations, and that is in collaboration and support from our customers, partners and colleagues. We have successfully brought pieces of global successes to Cambodia, our next commitment, is to let the world know about our beautiful home call Cambodia.

Mr. Chiv Wong, Chairman of Hung Hiep Group

“Farming today for tomorrow’s successes”

A true citizen and member of the Cambodian economy, Hung Hiep has witnessed both the ups and downs of Cambodia. Since it’s resumption of operations after the Khmer Rouge in 1991, Hung Hiep, like its home country, has evolved magnificently and paved its road with important milestones.

For many years we have brought in quality brands and products from all over the world to benefit the consumers of this young nation. Our most pride-worthy mentions are the signing of the distributor agreement with prestigious global brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Lee Kum Kee, Selleys, Volkswagen and E.&J. Gallo Winery. The distributorship arrangement eventually set into the Company’s industries diversification strategy whereby the Group now represents brands from not just a single industry, but a spectrum of industries namely in Automotives, Consumer Products, Agriculture and Mining.

As we grow with our nation, our methodologies and strategies will also have to evolve. Taking a two pronged approach, we are committed to promote and distribute Cambodia’s pride product – Rice. With our APSARA brand, which encompasses world-grade fragrant and jasmine rice, we are confident that this product will be a desirable consumer product with a strong agriculture backbone.

The success from our last 60 years reaffirms that that we have been deploying the right strategy in this country and we remain invested here in Cambodia, in its both its people and its products. As part of our investment to the country, we are also committed to growing talents and to better the living environment of the country, particularly in the areas of agriculture or agriculture-related industries as these industries are where we are also a part of.

Moving forward, we continue to invest in building high-performance teams and bring the highest level of dedication to the brands we represent. We look forward to collaborate with more global partners and welcome more customers to know about us in time to come.

Mr. Pily Wong, CEO of Hung Hiep Group