Growing & Harvesting
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process of growing rice
Source: IRRI

Indoctrinated with a series of meticulous processes, rice cultivation is a complex agricultural activity that transform young seedlings to the award-winning quality rice that you have access to. In Cambodia, although tedious, traditional methods continue to be practised for cultivation due to its quality assurance. When rice is harvested it has a non-edible husk or hull surrounding the kernel. At the rice mill, all stalks and other foreign material are removed from the rough rice by a variety of specialized machinery.

Hung Hiep Group is one of the most trusted rice exporters in Cambodia, providing buyers with jasmine rice, fraqrant rice and white rice. Just like our dedication to quality product, we provide quality service to our buyers all around the world.

World Rice Quotes

Variety Jasmine Rice Fragrant Rice Long Grain White Rice
5% USD650 USD595 USD440

** All price are in USD & per metric tonne
CRF or Phnom Penh Port.

Apsara Rice - from field to table

  • Popular
  • Jasmine Rice
  • apsara rice

    Phka Romdoul, Phka Romdeng, Phka Romeat, which are all species of the well-known Cambodian Jasmine Rice, has won the world’s best rice award in 2012, 2013 and 2014 consecutively, due to its natural aroma when it’s being cooked and its soft and tender texture when being consumed. Famous and well liked in both Asia and other regions such as Europe and America, the long-grain can only be grown and harvest once every year, to plant when raining season comes and harvest in October until January, making it especially precious when served.

  • Extra-long grain
  • Strong natural scent
  • Soft, sticky texture when cooked
  • Popular
  • Fragrant Rice
  • apsara rice

    Sen Kra Ob, or better known as Fragrant Rice, grows in both wet and dry season of the country and can be planted in any general irrigation. Similar to the Jasmine Rice, the Fragrant rice is also a type of long grain that’s known for its natural fragrance while being cooked. It reflects a smooth, shining and soft texture when cooked, and is a perfect option for people who prefers soft yet chewy rice.

  • Long grain
  • Tender when cooked
  • Pearly white color
  • Sweet aroma and flavour
  • Fluffy texture when cooked
  • White Rice
  • apsara rice

    Grown in both wet and dry seasons, the White Rice is predominantly used among the masses such as farmers and families in suburban areas as well as canteens and popular restaurants, due to its economical nature and ease of growing. Flexible in its uses and a common ingredient in many other processed products today, it is often found in cakes and rice wine etc.

  • Medium-length grain
  • White color
  • Distinct scent
  • Firm texture when cooked
  • A versatile tasty variety