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2017 is starting to look fresh for Hung Hiep Group, whom has been well-established in Cambodia for more than 60 years. Aligning itself with the advent of technology, Hung Hiep is launching a series of marketing and communications initiatives integrating both digital and traditional methods.

The initiatives aim to provide a seamless communication flow with its customers and partner, as well as bolstering its strength and capabilities as an active promoter of Cambodia’s businesses.

The launch of its new website is the first curtain raiser for the rest of the Group’s directives, which will include other initiatives such as social media, digital contents, flagship events etc.

Pily Wong, CEO of Hung Hiep Group says: "As our customers and partners are being more entwined in the digital space, we also have to reinvent our communication channels to speak better to them and with them."

Stay tuned for more of Hung Hiep’s corporate communications initiatives!